Monday, 20 April 2009

Not as much done over the weekend as I'd have liked, due mostly to choosing to watch the Grand Prix and the FA cup semi-final on Sunday, but we did do a bit on Friday, the result of which is that now only one corner needs another 100/200mm taking off it and we're pretty much there. We encountered some roots near where the holly tree used to be, necessitating the trench be deepened locally to about 1.4m. We have also found a hedgehog living in one corner of the trench aswell! Every effort will be made to ensure it is not concreted into our foundations!

I also purchased a petrol strimmer, and proceeded to behead one of our solar-powered lights with it! Strangely, with bits of it scattered all over the garden, the light was actually still working when we came home yesterday!

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