Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Just a couple of photos to show you how we're living at the moment. We bought a 4 berth caravan from eBay last year, and that's our temporary home! This is our bed, seating area, dining table, storage, fridge, wardrobe on the right just out of shot:
And this is our little kitchen. Two hobs and a gas grill, and the combi-oven in the previous pic - we can cook most stuff that doesnt involve a lot of preparation space. The one thing that does limit us is the tiny little freezer compartment in the fridge, being able to store 3 Magnums and half a bag of frozen chips at once before it's full. We're coping fine at the moment though.

Although I dont know why I'm explaining all this, because the only person following this blog is Alex - and he's seen it already!
Anyway, we did some more digging last night, and I'd say nearly half of the foundation trenches are complete, with a couple of days work to bring the rest of them to the same level, which just leaves the demolishing of the land bridge and the building inspector's visit before we can pour concrete, yay :)

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