Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Not as much progress over the Easter weekend as I would have liked, but we have been away visiting Emma's family and my brother. We have finished two lengths of trench now, that is, 900mm deep and levelled, and the only remaining land bridge is this little bit here (left so we can get the wheelbarrow in and out to cart away the earth that still has to come out of the front wall)

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  1. ooo I feel famous being mentioned. thought I should post a comment, just so you know I am actually following the progress.
    Looking forward to seeing a photo of the completed digging. I assume that will be the outline of the whole house.
    Just had a 13hr trip on unpaved roads in a dodgy bus with no toilet. Tired.
    Expect muchos photos from a recent salt plain tour with lovely sunsets, boiling mud and steam vents up close.
    Oh and the toucans real (see vid tomorrow)