Monday, 29 June 2009

We are now fully stocked! Picked up at the weekend:

10 x 25kg bags of cement.
10 x 25kg bags of sand
120 more bricks
All the remaining blocks from parents' driveway.
3 x 25kg bags of lime (mum and dad brought these over)

We spent all of Sunday mitring (mitering?) the bricks to make our corners. Emma marked the lines for me to cut through, and then I tried my best to make an exactly vertical cut through the line that Emma had drawn. Which turned out to be extremely difficult and frustrating! 6 or 7 bricks got wasted after I cut them either off vertical or off line - meaning they then wouldnt butt up together and form a 90 degree corner. We managed in the end, to get 12 'half decent' corners and 3 'pretty good actually' ends glued together, which are now setting in the garage. We used B&Q instant grip adhesive, which seemed to do the job. None of them are the perfect crisp corner detail that I would have wanted, but I refuse to pay £300 and wait 2 months to have 15 special bricks made up. So we'll have to make do with 'pretty good' this time.

We also dug out the second bedroom, leaving only the master bedroom to do. This will probably take us 2 evenings however because the weather is so hot at the moment!

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