Monday, 13 July 2009

Back at work again this week, time to reflect on last week's marathon effort. Here's some not-quite-current pics to start with. Plenty of this kept us going:

Here's our first top brick corner laid (we've now finished all of this wall):
Here you can see our BRC 'Bricktie' reinforcement laid on top of the bricks, to be hidden inside the mortar joint. There's another layer of this in the mortar joint below. You can see the 'stack bond' pattern of the bricks in this and the previous picture. We've laid the inner bricks normally ('English' bond), as this will help tie everything together especially at the corners - strictly not necessary as we're using the Bricktie, but anything we can do to make a better stronger wall for zero cost and effort - we might as well.
We havent taken many pictures of progress on the last two days as we were concentrating on actually doing the work, rather than taking pictures of it, but we have finished the 4th course of blockwork round the back and side of the house, and will be finishing the 5th and final course later this evening. That will leave a few loads of mortar's worth of brickwork to complete the plinth walls, enabling us to give back the mixer to my uncle John on saturday.

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