Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Building Inspector ok'd everything we've done so far. There was some confusion about whether or not we've paid for our warranty (we have, it was over two grand and I lived on biscuits for a week) so Adam's away to sort that out before we get our stage completion certificates.

Here's half of the damp proof membrane which we laid yesterday. We'll do the rest tonight. And then you can pretty much bet it'll rain for a week solid, and we'll have built the world's most expensive pond. Internal corner detail. I hate this detail. Unlike the external corners there's no way of getting the membrane to go everywhere it needs to go just by folding it and taping it down - you have to cut it. Without buying a pre-formed section it's the best you can do.

Concrete pump and 9 cubic metres of concrete provisionally booked for Tuesday next week, as this week looks nasty in terms of weather.

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