Wednesday, 29 July 2009

We laid the rest of the dpm last night, although it's only temporary at the moment. Some of the joints arent good enough for my approval, although in reality they will be ok. The central joint is folded, which will be replaced with a taped joint before we pour the concrete. The tape we bought to seal the laps is utterly useless, Duck Tape worked much better but we ran out. A 150m roll of it will be purchased from Screwfix later, based on the principal that one can never have enough gaffer tape. Here's our detail around the service pipe, the toilet waste pipe is similar. The membrane is cut in a X shape, the four flaps are then folded up and stuck to the pipe, and then gaffer tape is applied liberally. We then put the dpm jointing tape over that and it seemed to stick quite well. Which was nice.

I dont think we've had quite as much rain as we expected, which is good as not all of the joints are sealed yet! We ran out of gaffer tape, then we ran out of mum's emergency gaffer tape before we could finish the last few joints by torchlight. This proves the theory that one can never have too much gaffer tape.

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