Thursday, 30 July 2009

Didnt have as much rain as I thought. Still collected quute a bit: Our wallplate fixings delivery arrived yesterday too. We have a 1m long 12mm drill bit on the left (!), 1m long M10 threaded bar, nuts, washers, and the things in the box that look like shotgun shells are Rawl M10 'wedge anchors'. Very clever little fixings, which we will insert into a pre-drilled hole in the concrete foundation (down through the wall, hence why we need such a long drill bit) and then they have an internal 'thingy' which you hit several times, driving it down the fixing and splaying out the end which fixes it into the concrete. Once it's installed, there's an M10 thread in the top which we screw the bars into - and the wallplate goes over the top of the bars. Each fixing will resist a pull of nearly 1.6 tonnes*, which means if you installed one in a concrete ceiling you'd be able to hang a Ford Focus from it. Which is amazing considering they're less than 2" long!

* 1.59kN = failure load. The 'Recommended Load' is 620kg, which is still bigger than the load we need them to carry.

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