Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Progress made last night - we only have one half-load of pigmented mortar to do now. I imagine that if we dont finish tonight, a small amount of bricklaying tomorrow (Emma's birthday) will finish it - apart from the lintel which we cant do until all the hardcore is in place. We can mix that mortar up in a bucket after the cement mixer has gone, no worries about that little bit.
Here's what we're now planning for the water pipe entry into the building. Previously I'd cut a triangular notch out of the bottom block nearest the kitchen sink, and mortared the pipe into that. With hindsight, that was a rubbish idea. So here's my mock-up of the duct route in through the bathroom drain lintel opening, under the bathroom floor and up on the back wall of the kitchen. This saves us a load of digging, and is no extra pipework for the internal plumbing either.
Health update - I've been bitten AGAIN!! Photos this time, this swelling is nowhere near what happened to my arm, but you can see the size difference in my feet after just 12 hours of swelling:

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