Thursday, 6 August 2009

Major update time :)

Concrete pumping again. Note the smaller diameter hose this time. I specified a 10mm aggregate in this mix, to allow Paul to use his smaller pipes, which are much easier to lug around than the full size ones we used for the foundations. Pump arrived on site @ 7.45am, first concrete truck @ 8.15am, and we were all done by 9am - by which point on most days I'd be finishing my breakfast and thinking about going to work!Here's the pipe that will be connected to our toilet, now fully encased in the slab:The finished pour:
Another picture of how to spend £1000 in 75 minutes:

So we tamped it with a much longer bit of wood than we used last time, while actually standing in the concrete, which was hard work but seemed to do the job, as well as lots of shovelling aggregate around to fill in the low points. It's a bit high in the far corner, which you can see in the picture, but it's no more than an inch which is within tolerance.
It's now under a (repaired) tarpaulin, and will cure in a few days.

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  1. I wondered what happened to my couple of comments!
    You should get an email to what ever address you registered with (which can be changed)

    Anyway the slab is looking good. How long does it cure for before you can put anything on it?