Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nothing really to update, except that it has rained A LOT and our tarp is only just holding. According to the weatherman, the rain should have gone now, and we should be looking forward to four days of nice summer weather, shock!

Here's a picture of what we're going to try and build in the next couple of weeks, the skeleton of the building. We're just going to put the studs up and leave the OSB sheathing for now, because OSB isnt waterproof. So we'll leave it until we're about to do the roof, board the walls in one go and attach the waterproof membrane to the outside, then the roof will go on and protect the inside of the board. As a bonus, the structure wont need as much bracing in the temporary condition because there will be no solid surfaces to catch the wind - the wind will just blow through the studs.

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