Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Woohoo - our windows have arrived: Here's the little extra piece of wallplate which I forgot. We want to do the studding around the front door next, so got this bit in place ready:
Garage roof shot again, the left hand wall is the latest bit:

There's bad weather forecast for tomorrow (remnants of hurricane Bill), so we're aiming to get the back wall and front door complete with another diagonal brace down to the concrete, which should brace up the back wall nice and secure against some potentially high winds.

Today I also ordered the front door and frame, and tomorrow I will order the sliding folding door. Here's our front door:



  1. internal block walls? any reason? makes the plumbing and electrics more difficult indoors..
    or is that just to bring it up to "floor level"?

  2. Just up to floor level, stud on top. Gives us something to screed up against.