Tuesday, 1 September 2009

We have put the top wallplate on the back wall (all of it on there now, not just the bit in this photo): Also progressed with our tall wall, and finished the bit over the top of the front door:

And here's the cantilever which will support the canopy over the front door. There will be another one bolted alongside it eventually, but we ran out of timber.

After an epic struggle we also have another short section of lower wallplate bolted down, and actually we got the corner post under the windows nailed on and again had to stop because we ran out of timber. Should have had another timber delivery today but it hasnt arrived!!

Picked up my van on bank holiday Monday too, in part-ex for the GTV (!). It's no Alfa Romeo, but as far as vans go it's pretty cool, and I should save loads of cash and be able to take my pit bike places so it's the way forward really. It looks small but it's cavernous inside!


  1. how are you dealing with the joins in the wallplate? common way is to double it and stagger the joints..

  2. Hi Jeff,

    My name's Chris, and I work for Build It magazine. I'm currently looking for someone to provide a short column in each issue of the magazine, charting the progress of their build. If you're interested, please get in touch and I'll give you some more details about what we're looking for - you can email me on buildit@oceanmedia.co.uk

    Best wishes,