Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well my new van is up on axle stands already - I cracked the sump on a speedbump after owning it for approximately 6 hours!! Luckily the sump was easily removed, a new one is only £60 and should be with me tomorrow so I'll be back on the road.

Timber was delivered yesterday in the end, left on the drive by the lorry driver. Not ideal, but at least it's all there now and we can carry on. Although we cant do much this week due to the necessary sump replacement on the van, terrible weather expected this evening, and going to a wedding on Friday for the whole weekend.

We have been looking into kitchens a lot this week, we'll need to finalise the layout for the plumbing and electrics - which will be starting as soon as the roof is on. A combination of Ikea for the majority of it, and Cooke & Lewis for the odd fancy feature, is looking likely.

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