Monday, 26 October 2009

Epic update time!!
Here's the final wall panel under construction. You can also see a little bit of insulation poking out from behind the OSB covering the steel beam:
And, taken this morning, the panel boarded apart from a tiny bit at the top:

A similar story around the front corner of the house, boards on waiting to be wrapped in Tyvek: And here's the start of the Tyvek ' Housewrap' fabric which will keep our building waterproof:
We still didnt quite do everything we wanted to, partly due to the 24 sheets of plywood that Griggs delivered on Friday (that we didnt want) getting severely in the way of the OSB that was stacked behind it, causing total collapse of the pile of joists behind it, and also causing me to degenerate into a REALLY bad mood! So we still have a few OSB boards to put up, and the rest of the Tyvek to finish, which we're aiming to do tomorrow, to be followed by a visit from the Building Inspector, which will hopefully give us the green light for an assault on the roof at the weekend.
Weather note - continental high pressure is acting like a Star-Trek style deflector shield, keeping the rain in Ireland and northern Scotland. Fingers crossed this can last just a bit longer.

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