Friday, 23 October 2009

Our very clever insulation fixings from EJOT:
Our fancy 'Finnjoist' roof joists arrived today. Our dilemma as to whether to provide the extra capacity in the joists for a future 'green roof' was decided a while back, when we figured a cost saving of £250 (the difference between 58mm and 89mm wide) was more of an advantage than something we almost certainly wouldnt do in the future. However, having paid for the smaller cheaper ones, Griggs today delivered the larger stronger ones. Winner :)
They also brought 20 2x4s that we didnt want, and 24 sheets of plywood that we didnt want til next week - the result of which was that I had to go and help the poor guy unload it, losing the majority of my lunch break in the process - something which could have been avoided if Griggs had just sent me what I asked for!

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