Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nothing to update really, except that we've put the first three rafters on each side of the kitchen/bathroom roof now, removed the bottom plate from the steel beam to reduce it in thickness, bought some vapour control membrane and some lateral restraint straps, and ordered more timber for delivery on Friday. Also my uncle John has been and collected his cement mixer, thank you uncle John.

And I had one of those horrible moments yesterday when you realise you've made a mistake - the windows which we thought were too short are supposed to have window sills attached to the bottom before you install them. Now, of course, we've finished the kitchen wall panel having adjusted the openings to suit the actual height of the windows - so the window sills we got with those windows now wont fit! Not a huge issue mind, we'll just have to make some window sills, or modify the ones we've got. But I do feel a bit silly. Ah well - if that's the biggest mistake we make during the whole project I think we'll have done alright.

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