Monday, 19 October 2009

We are remembering to fill these bits with insulation before OSBing them, after realising that we've boarded a bit by the front door that we cant get to from the back of the panel:
Kitchen back wall panel completed:

Bedroom side wall completed. We have boarded this panel and the stub of the back wall since this photo was taken.
Me doing a spot of roofing, just putting up the first few kitchen roof joists so we can get some diagonal bracing up there.

Lots and lots done over the weekend, but still lots and lots to do! Another weekend of hard work will probably see it finished, but we'll have to see. There's only one wall panel left to build, but a lot of OSB boards still to install, and then of course we've got to install the breather membrane! It's going to be touch and go for roofing in a fortnight's time, but we're confident at the moment that we'll be ready.

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