Thursday, 15 October 2009

Another day, another letdown. This time from 'BMD Insulation' in Swindon. Having taken Wednesday morning off work, and asked my parents to come over in the afternoon, to receive 24 roof insulation boards, it did not arrive. I was advised that it would be delivered between 8-9am the following morning (this morning). It arrived at 9.30! Meaning that not only did I get up an hour early for no reason, but I was then an hour late for work, and was unable to protect the boards with a tarpaulin because I had nobody to help me!

Not really their fault (they're just a merchant) but even so, Im not very happy.

Anyway, the work we did on Wednesday morning was still worthwhile, although if we'd have known the insulation was coming today it would have saved a whole load of hassle. Here's the side wall almost completely boarded:

And the ply box beam insulated, with the other side of ply going on. (this has now been finished since this photo was taken):

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  1. will drilling holes in the box beam be a problem? you'll need a failry big hole for all the electrics..