Monday, 12 October 2009

Several major updates this weekend, starting with the fact that I have just received a letter from the council signing off all of our planning conditions, apart from the 2 that relate to things we have to do at the end of the project. Good news. Shame that it took 7 letters over 8 months to get to this stage but there you go.

So, work on the building - changing the design from a double I-joist to this ply web box beam allows us to install the rafters over the kitchen & bathroom before the main roof joists arrive, which is good news in terms of sequencing, but it was a bit of an epic putting it up! I'll leave it to your imagination as to how we did it
We also did some OSBing, and now have the back wall almost done:

And we ratchet strapped the leaning kitchen corner post straight, and barring one or two minor bracing pieces this panel is now complete:

I also stood on a nail which grazed my little toe, but could have been a lot more serious! This was really quite annoying, as I'd been wearing my proper site boots all day - I only went back onto the site to take a measurement later (wearing my trainers) and that's when I stood on the nail.
We're gearing up for a potential roof install on the last weekend in October!


  1. blimey, starting to look like a house now...

    your "box beam" uprights are a bit out of square though.. the 3 on the left ( not counting the end one ) are leaning to the left..

    and are you sure it's a box beam if it's open on one side?

  2. It's not finished yet, we've got to fill it with insulation and ply the other side yet. But if we did that before putting it up it would have been totally unmanagable!