Monday, 23 November 2009

Vapour barrier taped to underside of roof deck:
Insulation in/around the steel beam. We had to do this because we were putting in blocking pieces inbetween the joist hangers, making these compartments inaccessible:
We also finished putting up the edging beams to finally stabilise the FJI joists in position, finished the solid blocking underneath the lateral restraint straps, moved the insulation from outside under a tarp to inside the house, and I even found time to fix my pit bike at the end of sunday while Emma was finishing taping up the vapour barrier underneath the cantilevers.
The weather, particularly the rain, was pretty bad overnight, but the interior of the house is now staying pretty constant and the roof covering is holding strong, so pending a hurricane or the sort of rain seen in Cumbria recently, I think we've got it cracked.

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