Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A few posts ago I said that we cant even rely on our Building Inspector, after he stopped returning my phone calls. I can forgive Adam now, as I found out today he has been in hospital with some kind of gastric flu. Not nice! Anyway, returned to fitness, he visited site today and has given us another copy of our stage 4 certificate, and two stage 6 certificates to confirm the roof structure is complete :)

This paves the way for the £15,000 'first fix' money, which we need for the electricity & water connections, internal electrics & plumbing, heat pump, floor insulation & underfloor heating, rendering, and a whole lot more besides.

Last night we had a trial fit of the smallest window, which seemed to go quite well, doesnt seem to be too difficult - and that particular window doesnt fit perfectly into its aperture either. We need some longer screws though.

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