Friday, 4 December 2009

First non-structural element fitted!

So yesterday we fitted a window! Apologies for the small and extremely poor quality photo:

Quite unremarkable really, but it does signal the beginning of a new 'chapter' in the build, being the first non-structural element we have worked on, since the start of the build in March.

It went surprisingly well, using the plastic packers to locate the window where we wanted it, then opening the window and drilling holes in the frame, screwing the frame to the timber all around, then removing the packers. It's definitely a two-person job though, as you need someone to hold the window steady while you pack/adjust/drill it. Fitting, heeling and toe-ing the glazing was next, which was relatively straightforward, packing the glazed unit against the frame in locations as specified in the instructions. By far the hardest bit was re-fitting the internal beads with the glass in place, as they needed quite some force to clip them back in, and getting the last one in place was particularly hard. But we got there in the end, and by starting on the smallest window in the least conspicuous location, we now feel confident enough to tackle the more prominent windows.

We have yet to seal it on the inside, because we havent got the right kind of stuff yet.

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