Monday, 7 December 2009

We had reasonable weather this weekend, so we cracked on and fitted some more windows. Here's a rare action shot: The kitchen windows, casement main window with fixed light above:
The fixed lights are the hardest, because you cant get the leverage to ping the internal beads back into place! I found thumping them with the blunt end of a screwdriver to be the most productive. Here's the bedroom 'tilt & turn' window (complete with sill, this being the only window where we remembered to allow the extre space for it!):

One slightly disappointing thing about this window is that it doesnt seem to stay in place like other windows do once you open it as a 'turn' window ('tilt' works fine). Maybe I can tighten the hinges up or something?
We also fitted the rest of the blocking between the lower roof joists, and I drilled the final internal wall fixing, which is countersunk in case we want to fit the sliding bedroom door.
Countryfile weather report says turning dry and cold towards the end of this week, which is great news as I really have had just about enough of this wind and rain!

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