Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sunday started with a bit of demolition: We decided to remove the whole of both bricks, to do away with the problem of stepping the dpc. The floor screed will make up the height of the inner brick. Next we fitted the bottom track, which was a faff. Once it was done, however, the jambs and top track went on easy:
Then Monday night we fitted the four panels. Obviously, as the whole process took almost 2 full days, there was more to it than these few words and pictures seem to suggest. There is still a slight alignment issue with the 2nd panel being a bit diagonal, hopefully we can sort this out with some fine-tuning of the panels themselves. Finished pictures:

The doors concertina over to the left hand side (as viewed from the inside). I have no pictures of this for now as I couldnt be bothered to open the doors up this lunchtime when I took the picture. We'll do proper open/closed pics when the doors are finally finished and have their protective black tape removed.
Other news: we dug trenches for more drainage, some of which are filled with gravel, we finished the top of one wall (the top bit of OSB and Tyvek) and made good progress on another. I'll have some pictures of that tomorrow. I focussed on the door today as, well, drainage isnt really all that interesting is it!

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  1. Havent checked in a while, so good to see your still updating (unlike me). I get back on the 4th in cheltenham, maybe I can pop round on the weekened and give you a hand with something. Oh and if it is at all possible can you organise a huge night out, I havent been in a pub for a whole year!