Monday, 1 March 2010

As promised, pictures of sliding folding door being opened:
And fully opened:

Emma has surpassed herself this time with her extra-silly poses and facial expressions.
We did very little work this weekend. On saturday we managed to shovel all the remaining gravel into the drainage trenches, and put up some more battens around the kitchen windows now that we know the measurement for the thickness of the render. We did nothing on Sunday, mostly because I was completely exhausted, having had less sleep than normal for the past fortnight due to watching the coverage of the winter olympics - which finished yesterday with Canada winning the ice hockey.
This coming weeked I have 5 days off, Emma has 3 days off, and hopefully Alex will be coming over one day aswell to see the build for the first time. So we should be able to make lots of progress on several fronts.

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