Thursday, 29 April 2010

The plan for today was to show you pics of the floor insulation, and then the completed underfloor heating install tomorrow - but after an EPIC two days, including substantial help from my parents, I can do both! Here's the floor insulation completed, looking like it's snowed inside our house:
I've got more pictures of that, but it's boring compared to what comes next - some ubercool stuff. The wonder that is our underfloor heating manifold, for example. I have no idea how much this costs, just that it counts as 'a lot'. Oooooooh, bask in its shiny goodness:

The maze of pipes. Probably best to get the screed done asap, as you have to be really careful where you put your feet now:

And our roomstats, amusingly titled 'heatmisers' :

The guys were on site at just after 8am, and had finished and gone by half ten! Top work.

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