Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Some pictures of our clean and swept floor slab, ready for the floor insulation:

And one from outside:

The floor insulation arrived today - at 10:50am. This was supposed to arrive Monday afternoon, but they called and said it would have to be first thing today, but they missed that deadline aswell. This exact situation arose the last time we had insulation delivered - it seems that any company delivering insulation is utterly and totally incompetent! Oh well, at least its here now.
Our survey for the heat pump and underfloor heating also went well on Monday afternoon, and the underfloor heating guys have had a cancellation, so they have a window of opportunity this Thursday! So we have 60 square metres of floor insulation to lay in two evenings, which will be fun. They also need the airing cupboard to be ply'd out, which I did on Monday afternoon.
We should also have a quote from our electrician shortly, and I'm seeing a plumber on site this evening aswell.

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