Monday, 26 July 2010

Further plasterboarding at the weekend. Both bedrooms are now complete. Also kitchen walls started with this panel: The view from the living room now, one side of the internal partition is finished, now we can fill it in with insulation (for sound not heat), and add the plasterboard on the living/dining room side:
And here's Emma doing more joint taping:

So we've now used half the boards, and that's over 2 weekends. So in another 2 weekends we should be finished, in theory. Although we should focus on finishing the last few bits of external mesh really, as Paul has said he can start next week on the rendering!
In car news, the BMW 'Ultimate Battle Weapon of Death' will be added to the fleet tomorrow! I think it was the orange front wheels / green rear wheels combo that clinched it :-D

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