Friday, 23 July 2010

Pictures of bathroom stuff:

Square counter-top basin: Flip-top chrome waste to go with the basin:
I also took pictures of our cool tap, bath, shower mixer and other things but it was a bit dark and none of them came out particularly well so I'll re-take them at the weekend. This unit came flat-packed:

So I busted out the screwdriver and an hour or so later it looked like this:

I'm quite impressed with it actually, but bearing in mind how much this thing was, so I should be - £350 for what is, essentially, a cupboard!! Mind you, we got it on the last day of Bathstore's sale so we paid a lot less than that, and I'm hoping we can claim vat back on it aswell*, but it's still the most expensive thing in our bathroom!

* although technically it's a piece of 'bathroom furniture', which is excluded - but I'm going to ring the helpline and ask for clarification because as far as I'm concerned it's an integral part of the washbasin and cant be removed separately.

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