Monday, 23 August 2010

No pictures again, sorry, but we struggled on for hours and hours trying to fit the front door. All the carpentry on the lock side of the frame is now done (top and bottom hook hole things, latch hole and lock hole), and the lock is finally fitted to the door after rather cunningly using kebab skewers as spacers to allow the slidey thing to move freely behind the frontplate. As the frame appears to be quite a bit wider than the door, we've decided not to recess the hinges into either the door or the frame (for now). We trial hung it on the middle hinge and it was slightly too low, and then the second battery in my drill ran out so we called it a day at that point. We're hoping to finish positioning it tonight, although we'll have to take it off to varnish it anyway before fitting it for good.

Bad news - the render has started to crack up! The north wall seems to have fared the best, with minimal cracking, and the east wall the worst. It's a random pattern of cracking, or 'crazing' - which basically means it's the top coat shrinking as it dries out.

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