Monday, 8 November 2010

More electrisicals done on saturday, ring main complete and tested. Only snag was the socket in the loft was faulty - the earth wire had come out. Guess who installed that one!

We are ready for Central Networks to come tomorrow and pull the electric cables through. The drive still isnt finished though, although we made substantial progress with it on Sunday evening. Earlier on Sunday we started on the plumbing for the bathroom. We've got the shower head ceiling arm attached and a line running up to it ready to connect to the shower valve, the bath filler/overflow is fitted to the bath and ready to be connected to the shower valve, the shower valve fittings are all plugged in, so just a few more copper pipes to bend to get the valve itself mounted and we're ready to Aquapanel and tile the bathroom!

It got dark before I could take any photos of the plumbing we did.

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