Monday, 1 November 2010

Quite a major update this one. Let's start with an exciting picture:
Ok, I lied, thats not an exciting picture is it. However, it is a picture of an actual plug socket that has actually been installed in our actual house! Which is exciting. All the sockets on the ring main have been installed, apart from the 6 gang grid switch in the kitchen, which Martyn will be engraving this week. We have discussed a timeline which should enable the SWITCHING ON CEREMONY to take place on the 22nd of November! Maybe I should hire a celebrity to do the honours
Fuse box WIP:

Spotlights above the bed:
I also installed the colour-changing LED lights, using GU10 surrounds from B&Q. Although the LEDs aren't GU10s, the surrounds hold them in rather well. We plugged them into the generator and had a quick play after dark, and the verdict is: £350 well spent. Pictures to come.
We have also finished the painting. Everything is white, with the exception of this wall in the kitchen (Overtly Olive):
and this wall in the bedroom (Espresso Shot):

We also made the connections properly in the water pipe, and filled in the hole - hopefully for good this time!

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