Tuesday, 23 November 2010

We now have water aswell! A lot of it is up the walls and on the floor, thanks to the high pressure and some leaky compression fittings - which shouldnt be too difficult to sort out with some new olives. All of the push-to-fit connections are holding firm. I just had to lift the little chamber cover in the pavement, reach in and turn the stopcock and the water came rushing in. Emma was in the house monitoring the stopcock inside for leaking water and talking to me outside on the phone. I'd put the phone down on the pavement and was using the loudspeaker, so to anyone watching it must have looked like I was talking to someone stuck down a hole!

I made one of the Ikea wardrobes last night, and I'm aiming to make one a day this week. I dented the ceiling a little because I checked very carefully in the instructions about how tall the ceiling had to be for you to assemble it on the ground and lift it up vertical - however I then lifted it up on it's long axis rather than its short axis and bashed the top corner into the plasterboard. Luckily in a place no-one will ever see it, so no harm done really. Six more to go.

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