Friday, 17 December 2010

A less tiring and stressful 'mini week' was followed yesterday by our 'mini weekend', which we used very productively to take two full Mondeos worth of cardboard to the tip, and have a general tidy-up. Then we went to the local kitchens place to select our worktop. We settled on an Egger 60mm square-edged laminate, here's the sample up against our doors (they deal in Second Nature kitchens so they had samples in the shop exactly the same as what's in our actual kitchen, which was nice):

£175+vat for a 4m length, a very reasonable price. We also saw in person the Blum 'Servo-Drive' push-to-open drawer units, and what a piece of kit that is! A little electric servo pushes an arm out to bump the drawer open, and then retracts out of the way so you can use the soft-close runners and just lightly push the drawer back closed. Awesome.

We also saw some Smeg appliances, which prior to yesterday had been completely off my radar, for the simple reason that they look a bit naff in 2D (ie in catalogues or online). However, in person they look absolutely stunning - AND with the triple bonus of being hundreds of pounds cheaper than the Bosch stuff we were going to buy, perfect horizontal and vertical symettry, and the coffee machine is identical to the Bosch one with a different fascia!!

We then went to Ikea and bought more push-to-open hinges and the interior fittings for our wardrobes. I also fitted our cooker hood on Wednesday evening. Touch control, LED lighting, curved black glass, it is a thing of great beauty but not great price - of which I approve greatly! It has a button marked 'T' which flashes when you press it, but we have yet to work out it's function! Here's a picture:

I doubt we'll get much done this weekend, as we're having two separate Christmas meals, one on Saturday evening with Emma's friends in Bath, and one on Sunday lunchtime with my friends. But we should have time for Martyn our electrician to come round Saturday morning and wire up our lounge/dining room lights, and to fit some more push-to-open thingies to the kitchen, and to start putting the shelves and stuff in our wardrobes.

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