Monday, 20 December 2010

We told our heating system that we were going on holiday for one day, we come back one and a half days later and it's still in holiday mode and the house is 12 degrees!! So, mental note to set it for one day less than you're actually going for.

All our wardrobes are now fully furnished with shelves, drawers etc. This was done at about midnight on Friday with Judge Jules on the radio. Martyn came round on Saturday morning and finished the electrics, so we now have our two remote touch dimmable lights in the living/dining room, which are very very good indeed - although we do need to get some energy saving bulbs for them. The rest of the weekend was then spent in Bath and Cheltenham eating and feeling a bit sick, followed by watching Tron in 3D which was an awesome audio-visual treat :)

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  1. you generally can't dim energy saving bulbs..
    it depends entirely on the dimmer and lamp being used so check with your sparky..