Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Quick update on our progress over Christmas:

The floor in the kitchen is now tiled. This took most of the week, because we chose polished porcelain tiles which are very difficult to score and snap like you would a normal tile, so I wasted a lot of time and a few tiles trying to get them to break with a pair of 'heavy duty' tile cutter pliers. Eventually I gave up on this and got the grinder with diamond cutter wheel out of the garage, which in hindsight is what I should have done in the first place. So over two days we got the tiles down - all the full tiles on the first day, then the cut ones around the edges on the second day. Then we had to apply a coat of sealant which takes 12 hours to dry. Then grout, then another layer of sealant. So the whole process took about 5 days and we only actually finished yesterday evening buffing off the residue from the 2nd coat of sealant. But it does now look very nice.

We also cut all the plinths and adjusted the height of all the kitchen units, and this week we should get delivery of our worktops and ovens, allowing us to pretty much complete the kitchen.

Our bathroom tiles arrived this morning, so having just finished the kitchen that's good timing to start on the bathroom next.

We also moved a load of stuff out of my parents' house, and purchased a cheap tele in the sales. We're just using this for occasional computer gaming at the moment though, as we havent got an aerial yet!

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