Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oven removed, shelf moved down, oven replaced, top doors trimmed down to size. We tried using the router at first - error! Jigsaw (with a new blade) was the way to go. The door on the right is scratched and the cut is not very straight. The door on the left looks factory, it's virtually undetectable that it's been cut down at all. Luckily the damage is hardly noticeable, and the patterns from having the light on disguise it anyway, so we're not too bothered. Here's the finished article: Looks pretty good, but in no way shows the MASSIVE amount of cost, time and effort that went in to getting it looking like that! I have also now raised and levelled the wine cooler, so the bottom of the door is at the right level to match the plinth.

We are looking at handles for the three drawers in the island unit, because it's too expensive to buy the electric openers, and the ikea push-to-open thingies just dont quite open the drawers far enough for you to get your fingers in to open them the rest of the way. I suppose I could take the soft-close runners off, but it's not immediately obvious how to do that. We can get handles from Ikea ('Strecket') that go over the top of the drawers, which should be almost invisible under the worktop.

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