Monday, 24 January 2011

We bought the carpet for the bedroom and dressing room over the weekend. We chose a stripey one - about the most contemporary one we could find for a reasonable price:

I'll be buying the special underfloor heating underlay online this lunchtime. Emma will also be buying the walnut flooring for the living/dining room.

We did loads of work in the kitchen aswell. We fitted the worktop and sink properly, which took ages and was a complete faff. Hacksawing little notches in the base units, levelling all the feet, clipping all the little clips on the sink, re-drilling the drain hole because it was too high to suit the stupid Ikea waste. But it all now works and looks lovely. I didnt take a picture as it looks just like it did before, just all now fitted properly. The other worktop should be a bit less hassle. We also moved the microwave down a bit to reduce the gap to the coffee machine, which looks all the better for it. Once we move the main oven down to match it will look perfect:

You can see our little wine cooler in that picture aswell.

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