Monday, 10 January 2011

This weekend we made progress installing our kitchen worktops, to the extent that we have made the corner joint and cut the end to length, and cut the hole for the sink.

We also cleared 90% of the drive, leaving only the enormous lumps of concrete and one pile of mostly tarmac which isnt really in the way. We have ordered 3T of hardcore to be delivered Saturday morning, and we'll borrow Emma's parents pressure washer to wash down the muddy stains on the drive and wall. This will enable us to complete the temporary re-instatement of our drive, we'll wait for the promise of better weather before attempting to lay the final new tarmac surface.

This week we should be able to fit our plinth lights, cut and fit the other piece of worktop with the hole for the hob cut in it, finish the install of the sink and tap, tidy up all the edges with the colourfill, and hopefully our Smeg stuff will be delivered to the kitchen place and we can pick them up aswell.

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