Monday, 16 May 2011

Our caravan has sold for £550, which is not bad. We bought it for nearly £800, but it did have an awning which got ruined.

The film crew came on Saturday morning, so keep an eye out on Sky channel 166 on May the 30th for us looking silly on TV. They were just doing a piece about the heat pump, but were so interested in the story of the build that they want to come back when it's finished and film a piece all about us, which was nice!

Demolition has got as far as the north wall and the wall over the roof and down the side of the kitchen, which isnt bad really. I moved the TV aerial back onto the low mast on the other side of the low roof, and the reception remains perfect, so we might as well just leave it there. Dot'n'Dab have started work this morning on the battening and the rest of the demolition. The second skip is now full, hopefully a third skip will be enough for everything else.

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