Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sorry about all those pictures of the caravan, they're for the ebay advert. By next week the caravan will be sold! This is mainly to get it out of the way of doing the drive.

Emma's parents came to help on saturday, and we filled this skip with rubbish: Then Emma and I used the brushcutter and mulching vac to clear loads of the garden, and we also felled the conifer. Lots more clearing to do, but we've made a decent start at it now. We started hacking off the old render, and actually it comes off relatively easily:

Our electrician Martyn also came and relocated the plug socket for the cooker hood into the airing cupboard, and this means we can now finish the tiling in the bathroom. We also sorted out why we had no TV reception aswell. The two aerial sockets were connected together, and the wire from the actual aerial was still coiled up in the wall!! No wonder it didnt work. Anyway, we have perfect reception, which is great news. Unfortunately it does mean we have to buy a TV license, boo. Although not for a few weeks yet - as we've got to take the aerial down in a few days in order to do the re-rendering work.

Dot'N'Dab will be starting on site on Monday, and the following week Emma and I are off work and will be hiring a digger and dumper to shift the pile of earth by the side of the house, dig the soakaway, dig the garage foundations, scrape the ground for the drive, and just generally enjoy playing with large earth-moving equipment again.

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  1. Great info guys, loads of tips for new self builders out there! Unfortunately my self build is not going to turn into reality for a little while. :( I've bought a 1.5 acre land with AMAZING VIEWS to build my dream home but I have to sell it now due to circumstances. If any of you guys happen to be interested in it just email me s.haigbrown10@hotmail.com