Monday, 5 September 2011

Most of this weekend was taken up with my niece's Christening which we were helping with, although we did manage to do some work saturday lunchtime and sunday afternoon.

Installed HomeEasy remote controlled double socket bought from B&Q a while back for a bargain £5. I put this behind the kitchen units to control the plinth LED lighting - and it works 100% every time! I think, therefore, that the problem with the lights is actually the light switch rather than the remote control.

We completed the grouting of the bathroom wall beside the bath, sealed around the bath and the vanity unit, put on the shower control valve and the showerhead and tested it out, put up the shower curtain and removed all the stuff from the bath and took off the protective plastic sheet. I think its going to be an amazing shower. Need to do the final coat of sealant and finish the extract fan ducting before we can actually use it though.

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