Friday, 2 September 2011

Started playing with our universal remote control on Wednesday night. It learnt all the tv remote and blind remote functions, but its not without its problems. The blind control wont continuously function - it seems to want to emit a control signal for a predetermined amount of time, regardless of the fact that you're still holding the button down. Which is strange, as you can hold the channel up/down button and scroll through tv channels really fast. It also seems a bit hit-and-miss when controlling the lights from our sofa - being closer to the light switch is no problem, so I think it might just need some decent batteries. It also operates the 'mood' setting by operating each individual fitting one by one, not all at the same time. With all these issues, £50 doesnt seem like such a good deal any more!

I also cleared out the garage, and reorganised it so you can actually see the floor, rather than trampling on about 3 different layers worth of stuff to get to the other side!

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