Friday, 28 October 2011

Work in progress on our bathroom feature mosaic thingy:

The 'pre mixed adhesive/grout' we bought was great as an adhesive, completely useless as a grout! It was sticky, so trying to get it off the tiles afterwards just meant you had to rub so hard you rubbed most of the grout out of the joints!! So we bought some proper cement-based grout and we'll have to do it again. The LEDs are deck lights from B&Q, but they have the correct IP rating to go in a bathroom aswell :)

Gutters have been amended to suit building inspector's comments.

Still not got the actual completion certificate in the post yet.

Initial mortgage search reveals an HSBC mortgage, fixed rate for 5 years, at 4.5% with no fee for a 90% LTV. Which is quite good :)

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