Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Completion certificate has arrived. Also, the LED lighting strips for under the media unit in the living room, but I couldnt install them last night as they dont ship with a plug. With them, came the extra connectors I ordered, so I was able to re-connect the part of the plinth lighting that I had to cut to get one of the cupboards out to plug in the deck lights.

We've completed filling in all of the VAT reclaim forms, what a chore that was! Found a couple of mistakes aswell, but now its all done and we think we are entitled to just under £4400 from the VAT man, which is nice :)

We have decided to get a digger after winter to do the gatepost foundation, dig the rest of the garage foundations, and fill in the soakaway. So with that now a few months off, the outstanding list comprises three items: bathroom windowsill, bathroom tiling, extract fan ducting.

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