Thursday, 18 November 2010

Severn Trent came at about 11pm to remove the traffic lights and barriers, so there's only a small amount of work to lay the paving slabs and all the work in the pavement is complete!

We've had the quote from Dot'n'Dab to re-render the outside - it comes to just over £9000, with a further £1500 for demolition works. Which is broadly in line with what I expected. That includes for them doing all of the work and supplying all of the materials, aswell as putting another layer of Tyvek around the house first (a sensible precaution, as the current one will be riddled with screw holes once the battens are removed!)

Watching Grand Designs last night, for example, you would think that £10k wasnt a significant amount of money - and to be fair if your build cost is £450k it probably isnt - but our build cost is £40k so to us that's an extra 25%!

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